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Now hear this, now hear this...
Tuesday. 1.25.05 9:24 pm
I'm taking the time to make a entry...so feel loved or something.

I'm getting a long way on my room and Its almost done. (cleaning and reorganizing) So thats exciting. I was in a cleaning mode yesterday and went on a cleaning spree till midnight. That was kinda crazy.

But yeah, today wasn't so hot. I woke up and took to long in the shower, so I was late to school. I was late enough that I couldn't just sneak into the locker room, I actually had to go to the office. So the morning was kinda rough, but oh well. Then alittle later I found out that one of my friends is on 3 people's 'hit lists'. I know all 3 of these guys (maybe 4). And I tell them and anyone who reads this right now! If you beat him up, episially for the lame fact that he broke up with his girlfriend... I will take you down!....Okay? Okay.

So that kinda got my blood pumping and put me in a really serious mood all day. Then Christie wanted me to go to Drama club, so I did. I have to admit that it was pretty fun.

Well, thats all for now. Till I get around to it again,

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Justing chillin in the Library
Monday. 1.24.05 4:55 pm
Its 3:00 and i'm sittin in the library, just taking a break from working on my history final(which is due tommorrow). I have a lot more to do on it but I think I'll do it later. I called my mom and she'll be here in about 10 or 15 minutes. So until then I'll post.

Today was bomb. I actually had alot of fun today. I think I'm gunna pull off all straight A's too, if I don't I'm gunna flip out.

I need to get some forms filled out at 'work', so that I can actually get payed. And when I get payed, and find some time, I'm thinking that I'm gunna get a group of people together to go hang out. Maybe go see a movie or something. The only thing is I have 'to many friends', I don't want to leave anyone out, but I think that getting 'everyone' together would be really hard to organize. Not to mention it would be to hard to keep track of everyone. Oh well..

I better go though,

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Monday. 1.17.05 12:00 am
Hey, I planed on updating right after New Years but I didn't.

Well first off, Christmas was pretty cool. I got tools, socks, beanies, a CD, and a personal organizer. So that was awesome. We also spent some actually family time together for the first time in a long time. We watched I-Robot. But before all this We went to my grandma's house and spent most of the day there. It was sad because she has alhimers and didn't know that she lived in a retirement home. She has gone down hill a lot sence Thanksgiving. But they had good food there.

Next is New Years. The Thursday before we moved my Grandma from Federal Way, up to Olympia because she needed more care then that place could provide. That took almost all day. When I did get home, I went to Cecile's house and dropped off a permission slip so that she could go to my Youth Church's New Years party. I'd invited alot of my friends to come who had never been to my church before, but none could come except Cecile. So I spent the whole Christmas Break trying to get her to be able to go(permission slip, info, ride there, ride back, reminding her to talk to her parents.). I put alot of work into getting her to be able to go, but the day of the New Years thing her mom says no....that sucked. Oh well, I had lots of fun anyway. We went Bowling and to Laser Quest. At Laser Quest they had up play some games while we waited for our turn to go into the maze. One of these games was called Musical Hoola Hoops or something. It got down to me and The Youth Pastor, Adam, and he won. That game was the funniest part of the whole night!(And it was a really fun night.) Then we went back to church and ate, watched a awesome firework show put on by Stephen Owen, and had worship and a sermon. After that we did some group games like spoons and a paper war. Then it was free time and I stayed in the Movie room for the rest of the time. After that everyone helped tire down decerations and setup the santuary for Sunday(Thank You everyone!), then every one went home. And I slept.

So those are the big events that happened to me lately. The next big thing is Matt's wedding. I have to wear a tux...not happy about that. But its for my friend Matt and it might gets me out of school for a day and out of the house for 2 days.

Btw, pray for my Grandma. After living in that place in Olympia for a week she got a ton worse and they kicked her out. Now shes living in a house for Alhimers people. In short it don't look like grams has to much longer. But on to a happier topic.

I've just been chillen sence New Years, everything is pretty much the norm, sept that I started my new job last week!(Assistant Janitor at Faith Family Church) Oh, and a few days ago I found out that a bunch of girls like me. Which always completes things. But I don't know who they are so thats good I guess.

Well thats all I have to say for now.
Till when ever I write again,

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Jingle Bell Rock Fool!
Friday. 12.24.04 3:53 am
Yo, sorry its been awhile again. I just made a account over at Xanga, if ya wanna check it out then go to: http://www.xanga.com/The_One_Dude
So yeah, Life is really stinken busy, but its really awesome. I got my Drivers lisence and insurance now, so I can drive. I've drive around some already and I have to tell ya, its pretty awesome. I suppose the next step is to get a car. My friend Brandon(Bo Bo), said he could get me a car for like, 8 C's. It could take a year to save up enough, but atleast I have a job now, so I can get money.

Thats another huge blessing, a job. As of the begginging of the year I'm going to the janitor's assistant. The awesome part is that Marilyn is the church's new janitor! Go Mar, you rock! Shes a awesome young woman of God, its just gunna be kinda odd having her for a boss. I'll only be making $200 a month, but that not bad for only working 4 days a month. And its not about the money, if I had the time, I'd do it for free. Just cuz I love helping out around the church so much. Man, I love being at church, almost as much as I love being with God.

Me and God, we're kool. The thing that kills me though is that I've got myself too busy and haven't been making time to talk with him. So our relationship is kinda...lacking, for loss of a better word. But that is something that I am gunna correct. I am gunna make the time to spend with him.

Well enough gabbering for now I suppose. Well, for those who actually may read this, I wish you all a Merry Christmas, God Bless, and hopefully it won't be a huge amount of time before i post again(don't hold me to that).

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The first year
Monday. 10.18.04 6:39 pm
I was homeschooled up till 10 grade, last school year. Last year I made alot of friends, alot of really awesome friends. 4 of the best friends I made where Zack, Lora, Kt, and Karen.

Zack I met in fisrt semester, second period......English -.- . He was one of the first people I met that year. I met him wehn I sat by him and he friend Anthony(who I became friends with too), after alittle conversation, and alittle misunderstanding, Anthony told me that he was going to shove his pen up my.....butt o.o. Well, we got that cleared up pretty quick, with me doing abit of explaining. But I really started spending more time with Zack when his schedule got changed and I then had him in my 1st period, 2nd period, AND 4th period. It was awesome. Me, him and Kt(who I'll get to in abit)would sit around in 1st period and replace doing our accelerated algebra work, with absolutely random and hilerous conversations. In 4th period we would also goof off and do random funny stuff, like hit ourselves with rulers o.o;;. The awesome thing about Zack is that I didn't hve to worry about being mature or anything around him. We would just goof off and have a radomly, crazy, fun, time. Like when we when out side in the rain during lunch and did out spastic rain dance XD. Basically, without Zack, I would have died of the stressful work load that year. Zack kepted me alive and sane...by letting loose my insane, random, fun, side. Thanx man.

Lora I met in the first semester, in drama. She was a weird one alright, very weird indeed o.O. But she was completely awesome. I noticed that she had a cross on her back pack and I figured that she was a christian, like myself, and wanted to get to know her. Another reason for this is that she was the cutest girl I had ever seen, o.o;;. But probably the biggest reason that I wanted to get to know her was because of her smile, and her bubbly perky personality. She was ALWAYS giggling, grinning, and being extremely happy. Sure, she was absolutely nutty, and over used her imatation of Blues Clues, but she was awesome...and yes, I had a crush on her >.>. I don't remmember how we got to know each other, but we did. It was crazy, we became really close really quick. After abit of time, she sorta adopted me as her brother, and I got over bit of a crush. We had a time where our friendship almost failed thanks to my poopy headedness...type....ways. We stuck open for each other and helped each other out of messes. I truely think I wouldn't have made it though my first year of public school with out my sister Lora. Thanx sis.

Next came Kt, I also met her first semester. We had drama together, along with Lora, and Zack. But I got to know Kt in 1st period Algebra. We would sit around with Zack and talk about random stuff, like Larping. Then I randomly asked Kt to Winter Ball with me, because Lora wented me to be there for her first high school dance. So I went to the dance with my good friend Kt, where we of all things....danced!(go figure.) Well, at that dance I got a bit of a bug for her. Yes, ANOTHER crush. Well life went on and I started spending more time with Katie. She became the one that I spend most of my time with after awhile, even though me, her, Karen(I'll get to her next.),and Lora would all hangout alot. I was always over at Kt's house more then I've ever been over at anyone elses house. Alot of drama went on between us at the end of the year, again partly because of my overly dramatic ways and emotional immturity. But I always had a completely awesomr time hanging out with Kt. Whether it was at someone's house, the mall, or a movie or whatever. Katie, thanx for a bunch of good times, I would have had alot of boring weekends without you.

And then there is Karen. I met Karen during the second half of the year. I was introduced to Karen by ethier Lor or Kt, or someone. We had both been in the first school play, Antigone (along with Lora and Kt, and a whole bunch of other people I met during that play). I don't remmeber how I started hanging out with Karen, all I know is that I did and I'm glad I did. I got to know Karen pretty well and we helped each other though some crap. For the longest time there it was Karen, Kt, and I hanging out all the time. It was the 'KKK', excuse the racest connotation, Katie, Karen, and Kevin. Karen was awesome to hang out with. She loves to go out and have fun with her friends. Not only did I have alot of fun hanging with Karen, but she would also knocked some sence into me whenever I needed it. Karen, you're awesome! Thanx for the good times, and hope theres many more to come.

Finally, to all my friends, especally these 3 and anyone who took time out of there day to read this, I love you all and wish you the best.
See ya at school!


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I'm back, for now atleast
Thursday. 10.7.04 1:25 pm
Yeah, I stoped posting because I went though this awesome course at my church over the summer. It was 9 weeks long. But you only had 2 hours of tv, computer, or video games a week. So no computer for me. Then school started so I was busy...and to lazy to post.



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